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Cross bearing universal joint for Mercruiser stern drives

  • GLM 28080 replaces Mercury 805536A2, 75832T, 75832T-1, OMC 915717, Volvo 3850812 and Sierra 18-2174
  • Compatible with all Mercruiser and Alpha models years 1964 and up (serial numbers 1684188 and up)
  • Heavy duty rockwell design compatible with all motors, including high output V8 engines
  • Help with determining if you have a bad u-joint and need to replace it shown below

U-Joint Mercruiser Outdrive 28030-75832T

U-Joint Mercruiser Outdrive 28030-75832T

P/N 28030 - $39.15

How to Determine if Your U-Joints are Bad or Need Replacing

One common indication of a failing universal joint, is a knocking sound coming from the Mercruiser stern drive area when the outdrive is turned far left or right (port or starboard). You may also feel a vibration as well. These symptoms would also be present if you run the drive when it is trimmed all the way up (never do this). If you experience these symptoms, remove the outdrive from the bell housing - visually and manually inspect the parts by following the instructions below.


Inspect the cross and bearings for any side to side play, or any roughness. Move it side to side (or up and down shown in picture) to check for this. Excessive play indicates these need to be replaced.


Rotate or twist the cross by hand. If you feel any uneven or rough spots while turning(this almost feels like there is some sand in there impeding smooth movement), or any looseness replace them.


Visually check the c-rings that hold the bearings onto the cross for any breaks. These c-rings need to be punched off in order to remove the cross and bearings.

When re-installing replacements, make sure to position the grease fitting so they are facing the yokes. Always make sure to only use type 2-4-C marine grade lubricant, as other types of grease may reduce the lifespan of the replacement part.

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