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Mercruiser Lock Nut

Upper Gear Case Nut Installed to Hold Pressure Washer


28360 Nut

P/N 28360 - $5.99

To access this Mercruiser part, the u-joint assembly must first be removed. Remove the drive shaft bearing retainer (28350) by using the retainer wrench tool (90100 or Mercury C-91-36235).

Once the assembly is removed horizontally out of the housing, secure the housing in a vise and remove this part making sure to lock the rest of the assembly so it doesn't turn as you loosen it.

Once removed, you'll have access to and be able to remove the two bearings, spacer, shims, seal and ring.

It is recommended to use a new nut when re-installing, making sure to tighten to 85 ft-lbs.

This torque specification must be exact because it will directly effect the pre-load of the bearing to the gear.

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