Mercruiser Alpha 1 gimbal housing parts *Videos

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Mercruiser Alpha 1 housing bearing

Gimbal housing upper-lower outdrive roller bearings

21627 alpha 1 bearings gimbal housing


P/N 21627 Upper bearing OEM 31-21145 $47. 29

21627 alpha 1 bearings gimbal housing

21626 Mercruiser bearing

P/N 21626 Lower bearing OEM 31-32536 $43.29

21905 gimbal bearing

P/N 21900 Mercruiser / MR / R / Alpha and Bravo gimbal bearing OEM 30-60794A4 $47.29

shift cable repair kit

Gimbal housing shift cable repair kit

P/N 21450 Replacement GLM aftermarket stern drive shift cable kit for all Mercruiser models, including Alpha 1 up to 1990 and Generation 2 for 1991 and newer. Note, for some older pre-1982 models, a small modification to the bell housing may need to be made in the area that the cable threads into. Replaces OEM 865436A03. $69.00

Kit includes:
Shift cable and core wire, bellow, mounting gasket for bell housing, slide, set screws and other parts required for replacement and installation of cable.