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OEM Mercruiser part and install guide for drive shaft

21600 bearing

21600 bearing

OEM 92366A1 $75.95

# 18-1150 Torrington says This side up measures 1.750 inch on this side .003" taper lead-in on other side measures 1.747 inch on roller end.

When installing start with smaller end 1st, making sure that area is very clean

Best to wire brush and blow out with air.

If not install properly drive shaft will not go thru or will score the drive shaft when running.
When housing has play loctite 680 can be used for up to .010 inch

Loctite 680 retaining compound hold up to 1,700 lbs per square inch is the good new, the bad new is area used in must be heated with torch to remove bearing

Tech tip read print "this side up is marked" on the 21610 bearings

Special drive shaft insert -removal tool for bearings 18-1150 or 21610