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400-800 Stringer steering information

OMC Stringer 400-800 upper gearcase worm gear steering configuration help

When ordering an OMC 400-800 Stringer upper gear case unit, you must know what type of unit you have. There are 2 different upper gearcase worm gear steering parts:
  • Clockwise worm gear
  • Counter clockwise worm gear
  • It is essential to know which drive you have before ordering your upper gearcase.
  • If the wrong worm gear is installed on your boat, the steering will be reversed.
  • When turning the steering wheel clockwise (right), the boat will turn left, and when turning the steering wheel counter-clockwise (left), you will turn right.
  • Follow these easy steps to determine which type of drive you have:
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By author Trish Dougherty

intermediate housing
intermediate housing

Remove the upper and lower gearcase from the intermediate housing.

Standing behind the boat, looking toward the intermediate housing (as shown in figure 1).

Locate the small steering gear to the right of the ball gear.

OMC intermediate steering
intermediate housing

Have someone turn the boat's steering wheel clockwise.

If the steering gear (shown in photo with black stripe on gear) turns clockwise, you have a right hand worm gear.

OMC Steering Gear
OMC Steering Gear

Again, turning the boat's steering wheel clockwise, check the rotation of the steering gear (shown in photo with black stripe on gear).

If the steering gear rotates counter-clockwise, you have a left-hand worm gear.