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Shipping and customs information

FedEx 2 day priority air shipping information

  • To ship OMC, Johnson, and Mercruiser parts to:
  • Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Puerto Rico and USA.
  • Please see our International shipping rate page for shipping rates to your country
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air shipping

  • Most OMC, Johnson and Mercruiser parts are shipped the same day if order is placed prior to 2pm eastern standard time
  • United States and Central Canada - Orders of 1 to 5 pounds are $24.75 shipped FedEx expedited 2 day priority
  • UK and Europe (Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland - orders of 1 to 3 pounds are $34.75 shipped FedEx expedited 2 day priority. Additional shipping may be required for additional weight.
  • Next day FedEx air shipping is available to most cities in the United States. Please contact our order desk at (416) 751-7326 for pricing and details
  • *** Example *** ground shipping to the United States - the first $200 package value will have no customs or brokerage charges. Brokerage and customs will be charged by FedEx for each additional $100 over the first $200. Please contact FedEx for brokerage and customs rates and information for your country.