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Evinrude/Johnson outboard lower unit bearings

Bearings-Johnson Outboard-Evinrude-Powerhead-Lower Unit

  • Lower unit bearings

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Bearing housings Johnson outboard 22720 439476

Bearing housings

Bearing housings come pre-assembled with the roller bearing pressed into the housing. These assemblies are installed into the lower unit, keep the top of the drive shaft aligned with the housing. The housing is not sold without bearing - the assembly (bearing and housing) come as one part only.

21610 pinion OEM 31-42647A1
21610 pinion

Pinion bearing

This is the main roller bearing for the drive shaft. It is installed onto the lower portion of the shaft. When a full or partial rebuild of the lower unit is performed and the drive shaft removed, it is recommended to replace this bearing along with the propeller shaft bearing.

22910 Evinrude-Johnson outboard forward gear bearing V4-V6-V8

Roller bearings

Click on photo to view our selection of roller bearings. These include bearings for the forward or reverse gear, propeller shaft and drive shaft for various models and horsepower.

Powerhead 22800-378252
Powerhead 22800

Powerhead bearings

Powerhead split bearings for the connecting rod, small and large end for most horsepower.

21642 Johnson Evinrude thrust washer reverse gear

Thrust washers

Wrist pin 16240-378251
Wrist pin 16240

Connecting rod bearings and Wrist pin bearings

Thrust bearing 16330-387656
Thrust bearing

Connecting rod bearings