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Johnson outboard detent lower unit part

GLM aftermarket forward bearing carrier detent
Johnson outboard (lower unit gear-case part)

  • GLM Marine order number P/N 27720
  • Bearing housing detent shaft was up dated by OMC in later years see grove area with steps were shift ball seat out
  • This change make adjusting shifter easy to set neutral position on shifter rod
  • OEM 915954 & 323946 Aftermarket Johnson outboard parts chart identifies hp. and year
  • Lower unit Johnson outboard drawings

P/N 27720 Detent is a shifter bearing assembly upgrade made by OMC in 1991. Upgrade as listed below OEM 915954 Will allow shifter rod assembly to find center of forward and reverse location.

The old version had 1/8 inch or more play when moving shifter rod in neutral location. This now allows the installer to measure base to top of rod end receiver. Upgrade has built in tapper lead on both side of detent. This allows shifter rod to go into forward and reverse gear with about 7 to 10 lbs.

Old detent shifter rod was about 15 to 20 pounds to move rod. Modification now places less pressure on shift cable. Less wear on clutch dog and forward gears as shift cable sides in and out of gear easier. Shift cable life expectancy with modification will last longer with 10 pounds less pressure on metal cable when changing gears.

30-27720 Johnson outboard detent housing part

27720 Johnson outboard
detent housing parts

P/N 27720 Bearing carrier detent OEM 915954, 323946 $57.99

11055 OMC Spring

11055 spring

P/N 11055 Bearing carrier detent spring $4.95

22491 Detent ball

22491 Detent ball

P/N 22491 Bearing carrier detent ball $4.95