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680 Loctite retaining compound

OMC, Evinrude/Johnson outboard 680 Loctite seal and bearing retaining compound

  • Loctite 680 retaining compound is a high strength, medium viscosity, anaerobic adhesive for lower gear-case or power-head
  • Slip fit bearing and seal assemblies that provides 1,700 psi shear strength on stainless steel seal-bearing to aluminum out-drive housing
  • Holding time with .002 clearance in about 20 minutes, clearances of up to .020 will take a 24 hour at room temperature
  • Use with OMC, Evinrude-Johnson outboard lower unit gear-case or power-head seal / bearing installations comes with convenient eye dropper top Loctite 68015
  • Cures in the absence of air in 1/2 hour to 24 hours based on viscosity of thickness or coats require to install seals and bearing
  • Clean easy within 1/2 hour with lacquer thinner, Loctite 7649 Primer N to increase cure speed
  • Bearing or seal retaining area must be sanded, sand blasted or cleaned with lacquer thinner to maintain holding power
  • If seals being installed is a press fit and 12 psi or less pressure test follows, Evinrude/Johnson gasket sealing compound OEM 508235 can be used in-place on 680 Loctite but will not have same holding power
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680 Loctite

680 Loctite

P/N 68015 680 Loctite retaining compound for seals and bearings $29.95