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OMC Cobra lower unit rebuild parts help

Lower gearcase kit for outdrive years 1986 to 1990

  • Installation help for GLM aftermarket and Cobra OEM parts or compounds needed in lower unit years 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990 outdrives with 1-3/16 inch drive shaft and 1991 - 1993 with 1-1/4 inch shaft
  • Rebuild parts kit listed below does not contain prop shaft or clutch dog that may be required
  • Exploded view OMC stern drive drawing
  • Propeller shaft should be replaced if measuring more than .002 out of round
  • Video help link on page to show Cobra repair step by step photos of installation with separate drive shaft shimming video and up to 20 minutes of phone tech support between 5pm and 10pm USA central time
  • T.C. Electronics/Marine tech (Wayne Coll) will sand blast pinion gear end, shim and ship your drive shaft free of charge if shipped to us before we ship parts kit order.

OMC Cobra rebuild drawing for parts included in kit

Cobra rebuild drawing for parts included in kit

Rebuild component pictures

Cobra parts included in kit
GLM P/N and OEM numbers

COB RB lower unit parts kit
lower unit parts kit
By author Trish Dougherty

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21610 installation
21610 installation
21610 OMC Pinion bearing
21610 OMC Pinion bearing

GLM P/N 21610 Drive shaft pinion gear bearing OEM 387817 should be installed with wording readable. The words read this side up. Outside-case must have packing grease removed.

Small end has .003 tapper lead to help when installing. When installing, if unit has no resistance or lose when pushed into gearcase location, bearing must be removed and cleaned.

Then 680 loctite must be applied to outside of case before installing again. $43.99

87656 Lower unit seal kit oem 439967
87656 Lower unit seal kit oem 439967
P/N 87656 Cobra 4-1/4 inch large hub lower unit seal kit OEM 387817 kit contains the following items that may require the addition of compounds before the installation process. Oil seals require 680 loctite coating on outside diameter of the stainless steel surface area.

Gaskets and o rings requires Johnson outboard gasket sealing compound. The carrier o ring groove needs sealing compound coating before installing o ring, then compound applied to outside on o-ring. Wiper seal requires gasket compound on outside and any type of wheel bearing grease placed on the inside area. Lower tube guide seal requires coating of gasket compound.

Upper tube guide and one end copper tube should be installed in upper gear-case with 680 loctite. This should be applied 2 hr or more before placing upper-lower gear-cases together.

The other end of copper tube should be grease so unit can slide into plastic receiver guide listed as number 14 on drawing. Note: Mix can of Evinrude Johnson gasket sealing compound well before using and place on gasket 24 hr before and again just before installing parts 
27720 Detente OEM 915954
27720 Detente OEM 915954
Item 6
P/N 27720
Detent is a shifter assembly upgrade made by OMC in 1991. Upgrade as listed below OEM 915954 Will allow shifter rod assembly to find center of forward and reverse location. The old version had 1/8 inch or more play when moving shifter rod in neutral location.

This now allows the installer to measure base to top of rod end receiver. This neutral or center reading should be 7-.156 inches or 8 turns. Upgrade has built in tapper lead on both side of detent. This allows shifter rod to go into forward and reverse gear with about 7 to 10 lbs. Old detent shifter rod was about 15 to 20 lbs. to move rod.

Modification now places less pressure on shift cable. Less wear on clutch dog and forward gears as shift cable sides in and out of gear easier. Shift cable life expectancy with modification will last longer with 10 lbs. less pressure on metal cable when changing gears.
12961 guide
12961 guide
Item 14

P/N 12961
Guide Inside area of guide side should be greased. Bottom area should have gasket sealing compound to hold guide in place during assembly
27770 bearing housing 984462
27770 bearing housing 984462
Item 22

GLM P/N 27770
Housing assembly OEM 984462 Shim drive shaft and pinion bearing. Grease inside and place the three o ring in the groves then add gasket sealing compound on o rings.

Place smaller 2 inch o ring on smaller grove and add sealing compound.
23510 shims 314745
23510 shims 314745
Item 24

GLM P/N 23590 2 units of shim .003 OEM 323362
GLM P/N 23580 2 units of Shim .004 OEM 323361
GLM P/N 23510 2 units of Shim .005 OEM 314745

Please see shimming video or send parts required in for our tech to shim for you.
16330 OMC Cobra 800 lower unit thrust bearing
16330 OMC Cobra 800 lower unit thrust bearing
Item 26

P/N 16330
Thrust bearing OEM 387656 Required for shimming drive shaft and pinion gear
OMC part number 0987670
part number 0987670
22623 gear set 987670
22623 gear set 987670
Item 30

OEM P/N 987670
Original Cobra parts pinion gear, nut and forward gear set included in kit for V8 Chevy / Ford motors.

GLM Marine P/N 22623 Forward / pinion set included in rebuild kit for 4.3L V6 Chevy motor.
21731 drain screw 318544
21731 drain screw 318544
Item 41

P/N 21731
Magnetic draining screw with seal OEM 318544 two drain plugs are included in this kit.
22910 bearing 389039
22910 bearing 389039
Item 47

P/N 22910
Forward gear bearing for lower unit gear-case OEM 389039. Clean outside of case with lacquer thinner.

Install so you can read writing the instillation. Retaining grease is required to keep pins in-place during installation.

Add oil to free up bearing after forward gear-prop shaft is installed.
21646 Thrust washer
21646 Thrust washer

Item 55

P/N 21646
Forward gear thrust washer OEM 327669

16340 thrust bearing
16340 thrust bearing

Item 56

P/N 16340
Forward gear-retainer thrust bearing OEM 389042

11052 clutch dog spring V6-V8-V4
11052 clutch dog spring 324369
Item 59

P/N 11052
Clutch dog spring OEM 324369
22414 OMC Prop shaft
22414 OMC Prop shaft
Item 60

P/N 22414
Prop shaft OEM 395209
1-3/16 inch years 1986 to 1990

P/N 22417 Prop shaft OEM 5004765
1-1/4 inch years 1991 to 1993
16300 thrust
Item 62

P/N 16300
Thrust bearing OEM 382408
21642 OMC thrust washer reverse gear

21642 OMC thrust washer reverse gear

Item 63

P/N 21642
Thrust washer OEM 314731
11410 prop shaft bearing
11410 prop shaft bearing
Item 67

P/N 11410
Prop shaft carrier bearing OEM 387247.

Years 1986-1987-1988-1989 and 1990 out-drives with 1-3/16 inch drive shaft. Install so you can read writing on bearing after instillation.
22870 OMC Cobra 400-800 forward reverse gear bearing
22870 OMC Cobra 400-800 forward reverse gear bearing

Item 86

P/N 22870
Carrier reverse gear bearing OEM 382407. Install so you can read writing after instillation