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OMC high profile gear case *1968 to 1972

Stringer new gearcase housing

  • New OMC Stringer gear case housing 1967 to 1972. (see compatibility chart below)
  • Includes upper housing seal kit (includes o-rings, oil seals and gaskets.
  • Does not include any internal components or parts.Full technical help available by phone when assembling unit.See our upper gear case parts page for a complete list of available upper housing parts.
  • Rebuilt low profile Stringer upper gear case units also available.

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90, 120, 155, 185, 200, 210


120, 155, 210


90, 120, 155, 185, 200, 210


100 to 245

stringer upper unit

stringer upper unit

P/N U-HIGH-PROFILE-COMPLETE-UPPER Complete new high profile OMC upper gear case assembly Includes new gears, bearings, seals, water pump, shafts and ball gear available with steering or without steering $2,859.09


New high profile Stringer upper gear case only $999.09