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OMC King Cobra forward bearing housing

Bearing housing and seal assembly OEM-0397918

  • This is a used OMC king cobra forward bearing housing OEM 0431735
  • Unit includes bearing and is in very good condition
  • Bearing for this carrier is not longer made by OMC / RBP now
  • Exploded View OMC drawings

OEM 0431735 bearing assembly

OEM 0431735 bearing assembly

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OMC Cobra upper oil seals replaced on the boat

27900 water pump adapter

27900 Water pump adaptor seal

P/N 27900 Water pump adapter 911699 $95.99

12092 Aftermarket omc cobra water pump kit

12092 Aftermarket omc cobra water pump kit

Click below link for Cobra water pump removal or installation photos

Water pump removal page see

Water pump installation help

P/N 86630 / 911704 O ring type outside seal area
P/N 12391 / 911844 liner
P/N 89950 / 777128 Impeller
P/N 12760 / 911703 Wear plate
P/N 34770 / 911702 Gasket
P/N 12405 / 984744 housing Please see installation video before installing kit.


21962 OMC Cobra bellows transom service kit
21962 OMC Cobra bellows transom service kit

P/N 21962-S OMC transom service kit $155.99

Contents includes
P/N 34730 Gasket 915840
P/N 86300 Seal #911823
P/N 81180 O-ring (2 units) #911851
P/N 89210 Shift cable bellow #911826
P/N 8920 U-Joint bellow #911826
P/N 89190 Exhaust bellow #914036
P/N 01090 Hose clamp #3852604
P/N 01070 Hose clamp #912628
P/N 21906 Gimbal Bearing #3853807
P/N 21465 Cable tie #320107
P/N 21466 Cable tie #317893

21715 Shift cable

Compatible with all OMC models 1986 - 1993 except OMC King Cobra models and 2.3 liter Ford 4 cylinder. Some 5.0 liter Ford 1993 models may have a slightly longer unit. Please measure your cable if you have a 5.0 liter Ford 1993 model. Require help Steward Hastings has great web page on cable adjustment years 1986 to 1991 clutch dog models

Please note there has been an updated detent by OMC since the article was published that make it easier to go into forward/reverse and has much more accurate neutral for setting up. Installation note: rod should be installed 8 turns or 7.156 inches from gearcase base to the top of rod in neutral position. Engine idle speed need to be 550-600 rpm max when engaging or clutch dog and gears will be damaged.
P/N 21715 OMC Cobra shift cable includes guide tube and set screws. OEM-987661 54 inch long at nuts. $119.99