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OMC 800 series lower gearcase repair cost

Lower unit basic repair cost for 400-800 series 1982 to 1986 servo hydraulic shift assist 1978 to 1981

  • Outdrive repair services required by customers prices include labor, seal kit, 680 retaining compound, aviation gasket sealant and 545 thread sealant
  • Machine seal area of bearing retainers, spray paint outdrive case with zinc chromate primer and white epoxy or silver enamel paint
  • Vacuum / pressure test 400-800 lower unit.
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800 Series basic lower unit repair cost

800 Series basic lower unit repair cost

mechanic shift identification

mechanic shift identification

To easily identify if you have the 800 mechanical shift lower gear case (1982 - 1985) or the servo hydraulic shift lower gear case (1978 - 1981), look for a to hole space for an anode towards the back of the unit.

The mechanical shift unit has this anode hole

The servo hydraulic shift unit does not have an anode hole

# 224-27 Basic 400/800 1982 to 1985 lower unit basic parts and flat rate repair cost $495.99

*Please remove exhaust housing from lower unit before shipping. An additional $140 charge will be applied for units shipped with exhaust housing attached*

# 224-28 Basic 400/800 servo hydraulic shift assist 1978 to 1981 lower unit basic parts and flat rate repair cost $595.95

Dial indicate shaft
Take apart clean, wire brush, sand, zinc chromate primer inside bearing carrier hub, change drive shaft bearing, primer and paint outside area with
Install new seal kit
Pressure test unit
Repair parts and pricing listed on web page under 800 series lower gearcase
87630 Lower unit seal kit $45.79 (included)
11190 Drive shaft nut $9.79 (included)
68015 Loctite retainer compound $32.79 (included)
30517 Aviation gasket sealant $12.79
21610 Bearing $31.79 (included)
11410 Bearing carrier bearing $9.79 (included)
35605 Zinc chromate primer (internal prop area included)
Epoxy or enamel paint available at additional cost

Cost that may be required for the repair

# 87630 800 lower unit seal kit $55.15
# 22730 Bearing housing $96.89
# 22666 Heavy duty gears 14/26 $399.89
# 22414 Propeller shaft $260.89
# 22413 Drive shaft $289.89
# 11406 Bearing carrier V6 or V8 $197.89
# 21610 Bearings $31.89
# Welding housing welding $160.00
# 22625 Clutch dog $95.89
# Shift cable cut and rubber leaking repairs $106.00

There is a 55.00 to 85.00 fee for packaging and shipping to USA / Canada

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T.C.Electronics / Marine
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Toronto Ontario
Canada M1R 5G2

OMC Cobra Lower Gear Cases

Place in 26" x 32" x 10" Box 48 to 56 lbs

Pack with solid foam from building center. Unit can or may be disassembled or one piece.
Please make sure there is No Oil in Unit.
Please Ship UPS 4 to 6 day ground service.
Pricing $ 30.00 to $ 68.00 cost in Continental USA.

Two Day Delivery is available in most areas. Call for rates UPS 1 (800) 742-5877

***NOTE if sending core***

Please State on UPS Form
Value for customs $10.00 Boat Parts for Repair Only or (Brokerage/Customs Charges) and Taxes Will Be Charged . Sender Will be Responsible for these charges.