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stern drive part used shift spool

  • Mercruiser used shift spool
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  • Part number: 22-579
  • OEM number: 818349T1
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22-579 used Shift Spool

22-579 used Shift Spool

This shift spool is used in the Mercruiser MC-1, R, MR, Alpha One and Gen 2 models(all years). It is part of the shifting system in the lower unit, and can wear out over time which can lead to a need to replace this part. When diagnosing shifting issues, there can be many reason why the drive is no longer, or only partially shifting into and out of gear.

On the Mercruiser drive system, unlike the OMC outdrive, the clutch dog (the component that engages into the forward or reverse gear) is very large and designed to last even when used when shifting problems are occurring. The clutch dog typically does not fail or wear out, and good starting point to look at is typically the shift cable itself.

The outdrive shift cable can stretch out over time - it can be re-calibrated if you are issuing some very minor shifting issue symptoms, but over time this will not correct the problem.

The cable is a fairly minor expense and is recommended to be addressed as soon as any issues with shifting into forward, or reverse are detected.