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Lower unit OMC parts 800 series outdrive

GLM aftermarket lower gearcase housing assembly years 1978 to 1985

  • Aftermarket replacement OMC 800 lower unit housing assembly for years 1982 - 1985 (V6 and V8) with mechanical shift*
  • *Will fit the 1978 - 1981 with hydraulic shift only if shift cable is changed
  • Lower unit housing assembly includes the new heavy duty set P/N 22666 capable of operating up to 300hp
  • Large prop shaft diameter (1 - 1/4")
  • Reverse thrust washer installed in between the shaft and reverse gear
  • ratio: 12:22
  • Individual gears and clutch dog parts also available
  • For the 1986 - 1993 OMC stern drive, see our Cobra complete upper housing assembly page

OMC parts C

OMC parts

All GLM replacement lower housings for the V6 and V8 OMC Stringer 800 sterndrives have the new heavy duty #22666 sets. This new set has fewer, larger, stronger teeth. The pinion has 12 teeth and the forward and reverse have 22 teeth. The original OEM set has 14 teeth on the pinion and 26 teeth on the forward and reverse gears.

800 lower

800 lower

During the machining process an additional pass is made over each tooth for a finer surface. This makes the operation especially quiet. These durable gears are capable of operating with up to 300hp. All GLM lower housings have the large 1-1/4 inch diameter prop shafts with a reverse thrust washer installed between the shaft and reverse gear.

OMC parts 800 lower B

800 lower B

*Many 1978 - 1981 OMC sterndrives have had the hydraulic shift lower housing replaced with the 1982 - 1985 mechanical shift lower housing.

Stern-drives with the original hydraulic shift lower housing do not have an E.S.A. (electronic shift assist) box or over-stroke switches on the shift converter. 1978 - 1981 sterndrives that have been converted to the mechanical shift lower housing should have the E.S.A. and over-stroke switches installed to stop clutch dog wear.

22666 Gear set all V6-V8 with high alloy steel

22666 V6-V8 with high alloy steel

P/N 28830R Complete rebuilt 800 lower gear housing assembly with GLM gear set #22622, for V6 models. *Note - $460 core deposit required. $1699.99

*After trade in OEM 987242

$460 core charge deposit will be refunded after we receive your core (trade in)

800 lower D

800 lower D

#28830 - Lower unit housing work for the following:

3.8 Liter V6 1981 - 1985
4.3 Liter V6 Year 1985 200-230 HP.
5.0 Liter V8 years 1981 - 1985 260 HP.
5.7 Liter V8 years 1981 - 1985

Click here for used OMC parts or rebuilt upper/lower gearcases in stock. Used lower unit gearcases come with 1 year warranty. Note shift cable and shifter must be sent in or purchased, again we have used or new aftermarket cables.