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OMC 1972 to 1977 electric shift outdrive repair cost

Rebuilt OMC stern drive lower gear case repair cost

  • OMC stern drive rebuilt lower gear case for years 1970 to 1977 (all engines)
  • Rebuilt gear case comes with 1 year warranty
  • Rebuilt upper gear cases, see our OMC stern drive 800-400 upper gear case page
  • 10 bolt or 8 bolt swivel housing available
  • OMC electric shift cable wire available

lower unit
lower unit

1970 - 1977 Rebuilt electric shift lower gear case (shift wire available if needed) $1399.95 *after trade in* ($360 core deposit required)

Lower gear case repair for 10 and 8 bolt swivel housing models includes:

Replacing or repairing forward or reverse spring, new drive shaft bearing, new seals, pressure testing.

Swivel housing is sand blasted and painted

Lower vertical seals ( 2 ) offset to land on a different position on shaft in case of drive shaft wear
Prop shaft bearing retainer machined to hold ( 3 ) seals that will locate in different position on prop shaft Bearing retainer is then sand blasted and painted.*Additional parts and costs may be required for repair

Note: broken clutch spring breaking on the gear face included with basic repair
If how ever the clutch spring can not be repaired a used spring will be installed adding $55.00 to the cost of the basic repair.

Basic repair cost - $695.95

P/N 77222 Shift switch includes wiring diagram $229.95

electric shift

electric shift