Mercruiser Alpha One bell housing parts

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Mercruiser outdrive oil seal

GLM aftermarket bell housing oil seal

  • Bell housing Mercruiser outdrive oil seal for MC-1 / R /MR / Alpha One and generation 2 models
  • Oil seal should be installed with Loctite number 680 or 609 retaining compound number 30517 aviation gasket sealant can be used but holding strength is limited
  • They are used to stop water from leaking on the outside of the seal and the bell housing area were seal is being installed
  • Area should be wire brushed or sanded then cleaned with lacquer thinner

85581 Alpha generation 2

85581 oil seal bell housing

P/N 85581 Mercruiser / R /MR / Alpha and Generation 2 Oil seal OEM 6-816464-1 $7.29