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OMC Stringer electric shift switch testing

How to test the OMC outdrive switch - Electric shift lower unit

  • 5 wire switch is color coded and can be used to replace the original OMC shift switch for the Electric shift outdrive
  • Replaces OEM 379019, 384042, 384006, 383624, 385253, 172123 and 172124
  • New housing design is more durable and comes with a 90 day warranty

P/N 77222 OMC Electric shift switch $229.99

Switch OMC

Switch OMC

When testing your current switch, make sure the lever moves on the housing without any sticking points. Inspect the lever arm and housing for any cracks or damage. Check for continuity in the switch and wires (shown below)

Electric shift wire

Electric shift wire

To test the electric component of the shift switch, you'll need access to the ignition and forward and reverse terminals. The original wires are color coded which will make identifying each one easier.

To test the switch for the forward position, connect test lead of a multimeter (set at continuity) to the ignition lead (purple or red), and the other to the forward lead (green).

Next, move the shifter lever though the forward, neutral and reverse positions. The meter should only show continuity when in the forward position. To test for reverse, move the shift lever into reverse and connect the test lead of the multimeter to the ignition (purple or red), and also to the reverse lead (blue).

Again, move the shift lever through forward-neutral-reverse. The continuity should only show on when the lever is moved into reverse. If you don't have continuity as shown above, your switch is defective and needs to be replaced.